Disrupting Detection: Not One Job Opening for "Cyber Protection Engineers", It Starts Today!

Disrupting Detection: Not One Job Opening for "Cyber Protection Engineers", It Starts Today!

Feb. 17, 2024 | Categories: Ideas

There are "Fire Protection Engineers", why not "Cyber Protection Engineers?"

Cybersecurity threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace despite the fact that the industry is decades old. Detection is what the industry does today, not protection. That can be seen broadly by looking around. Pentesters: "We can help you find vulnerabilities". Incident Responders: "We can help you recover in the event of a breach. EDR Companies: "We don't protect you, we respond to our/your detections!"

Is it clear to anyone else? Detection alone is not enough. At Karma-X, we started the ethos "Protection > Detection," emphasizing that safeguarding our customers is paramount. We build protection in with Karma Inside. It's time to start something new with the invention of a role: the Cyber Protection Engineer.

Unlike traditional roles that focus on identifying threats after they've occurred, the Cyber Protection Engineer is dedicated to developing techniques, tactics, and tools aimed at hardening systems, automating protection, and stopping attacks before they happen. This proactive approach is crucial in combating ransomware, reducing dwell time, and neutralizing malicious threats.

Karma-X will hire Cyber Protection Engineers to be the unsung heroes of the digital age, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that systems are not just monitored but genuinely secure. They embody the spirit of innovation, crafting the future of cybersecurity where protection takes precedence, and peace of mind is near.

As Karma-X embarks on this new frontier, let us celebrate the pioneering spirit of the Cyber Protection Engineer, a beacon of hope in our collective quest for a safer digital world.

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Whether adversary nation or criminal actors, Karma-X significantly reduces exploitation risk of any organization

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