Karma-X's Commitment to Charities Against Ransomware

Karma-X's Commitment to Charities Against Ransomware

Jan. 31, 2024 | Categories: Ideas

Karma-X believes it can help charities in the fight against ransomware actors.

In the wake of recent ransomware attacks on hospitals and charity organizations, including a significant incident at Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago, the need for robust cybersecurity is clearer than ever. Recognizing the urgent need to defend these vital institutions, we at Karma-X are stepping up to offer a helping hand.

Karma-X: A Shield Against Ransomware

Karma-X has a unique technology, Karma, which provides significant protection against ransomware actors. Focusing on protection first, Karma-X equips organizations with the power to instantly stop ransomware attacks in their tracks, safeguarding essential services.

A Helping Hand to Those Who Help Others

Being a small organization itself, Karma-X understands the unique challenges of small organizations face, limited resources. Karma-X therefore offers free licenses of our Karma-X protection product to any charity desperately needing to fortify their defenses against ransomware.

Get in Touch

We encourage any charity in need of this critical protection to reach out. Please visit Karma-X Contact Us for more information.


In these challenging times, protecting those who serve our communities is paramount. With Karma-X, charities can focus on their mission, knowing they have a strong ally in the fight against cyber threats.

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From small business to enterprise, Karma-X installs simply and immediately adds peace of mind

Integration Ready

Karma-X doesn't interfere with other software, only malware and exploits, due to its unique design.

Reduce Risk

Whether adversary nation or criminal actors, Karma-X significantly reduces exploitation risk of any organization

Updated Regularly

Update to deploy new defensive techniques to suit your organization's needs as they are offered



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